Friday, February 15, 2013

21st Century Skills

21st Century skills are much more complex than those in the past. The days of memorizing information for a test and then forgetting all about the content are over! Although there are still things we want our children to memorize, they are no longer stopping at that point, they are now required to apply that information in more real world applications. In the 21st century we are looking to move up the ladder of Bloom’s Taxonomy – the first step is to recall information…but it doesn’t stop there! They need to go on to understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create in order to truly grasp concepts and be ready to use their knowledge in real world applications. Higher-level thinking skills are highly encouraged in the 21st century!!

 We are also integrating technology into teaching and learning in order to enhance the learning experiences of students and to teach them how to use technology in their own lives. Teachers need to continuously be trained on the amazing advancements in technology that can help them help their students. There are so many new trends in technology that can enhance the teaching and learning experience. There are resources available to help teachers teach, and there are resources that help student learn more effectively by keeping them more engaged.

It is so important that students are introduced to the importance of interacting and collaborating with others to learn and develop plans and ideas. There are so many resources available that will help us do just that! No longer are we working solo – two heads are better than one! People work together in the work force all the time. It is a life long skill and for many it takes practice. It is critical that we as educators work together to help each other grow, and it is important that we teach our students to do the same! 

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