Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Technology Has Changed My Teaching

I have only been teaching for about five years, but I have already found that each year gets a little bit better because of the new trends in technology! Here are a few ways my teaching has changed for the better because of technology!

1. Went from desktop computer to laptop – so thankful for this change! I love being able to take my computer home so I can do my work from the couch J

2. I went from the overhead projector and a whole mess of transparencies, to my lovely hovercam. I use this ALL THE TIME! Now, I am hoping for a mini mac!

3. I got a smartboard about two years ago – at first I rarely used it, but now I am becoming more and more comfortable with it and enjoying it very much!

4. I use youtube and learn 360 for educational videos

5. The grading system at my school has been upgraded to Power School, which I really do like.

6. Technology has come with new curriculum; I have math CD’s for our math and social studies curriculum.

7. I have been using flash drives to back up my school plans 

8. I have itunes on my computer for school use.

In only five years I feel like my teaching has changes greatly due to technology….and I am sure it will continue to constantly change for the better. A few things I will use from ED521 that will help me in my classroom from here on out are voicethread (activities with kids), Diigo (keep me organized), google calendar (keep me organized and sane),  blogger (personal and professional), dropbox (keep my files safe and at my fingertips), and twitter (to keep me in the loop on the latest trends in teaching and technology). There are so many great tools out there!

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