Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shared Assignment - My Favorites of ED521!

What I have learned and what I will definitely use from ED 521

 Personally - Pinterest! I love the visuals and what a great way to keep my favorite things saved!
Dropbox - I can use this to back up personal information!
Blogger - I have always wanted to start one for myself, but couldn’t figure it out before!
Google Calendar
Google maps

 Professionally - Twitter- I will use it to keep up with the latest educational info!
Dropbox - I love this feature for backing up and accessing my work related documents.
Google Plus - I love all the features it provides...the calendar, sites, communities, much more to it than I realized
Blogger - I want to make a classroom blog for next year! I may try weebly too!
Garage band
Teachers Pay Teachers
Tiny Url

 What I will use with my students
I tried voicethread with my students and they really liked it! I will continue to use!
I like screenr, I could use this for a variety of things in my classroom
Photobooth - so many possibilities for students! They would LOVE this!
I like the kidblog idea too!

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